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Photos: 2016 Annual Pun-Off World Championships

A spring Texas sunny day made more glorious by a cool breeze and partial cloud cover attracted record numbers of people to cheer and groan as contestants in the 39th Annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships performed verbal contortions on Saturday May 7th in Brush Square. Visit the official web site for contestant information and event rules.

Want to watch this year's Pun-Off performances? Go to Brian Combs' or Clay Leben's Youtube channels.

Punniest of Show Winners

In the Punniest of Show, 32 contestants compete to deliver their prepared “punny” material within a time limit of 90 seconds and impress a panel of judges who gore the performance on a scale from 1 to 10 . For the first time ever, there was a 3-way tie between the top puntestants all scoring a perfect 40 points! The final winning order was decided by audience popularity.

  • First Place – Jerzy Gwiazdowski

  • Second Place – Southpaw Jones

  • Third Place – Michael Kohl

PunSlingers Winners

In the PunSlingers contest each pair of 32 competitors is given a topic to use for punning, for example, "diseases." At the judge’s signal, the first punslinger has 5 seconds to deliver or begin delivering a pun. Next, the opponent is given 5 seconds to start a pun. This shoot-out guick wit continues until one of the contestants becomes “tongue-tied” without a pun or accumulates a total of three non-qualifying “strike” attempts at a pun. Elimination rounds continue in standard tournament style until the final round produces a top pun winner.

  • First Place – Benjamin Ziek

  • Second Place – Tim Donnelly

  • Third Place – Jerry Yan

  • Runner Up – Toby Miceli-Gwiazdowski

Photo Gallery

[Click on a picture to enlarge and see photo slideshow]

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